Hiding In The Open

“Everyone is right there in the house,” she said. “They can probably see us if they look out that window. And you want me to jack you off? Right here?” Carrie traced his lip with one manicured fingernail. “You don’t even like to kiss in public,” she pouted. “Maybe you can teach me to like it,” he suggested with a raised eyebrow. Carrie slid her fingernail down his chin. Down his throat. Down the front of his shirt, lightly pulling on the soft cotton. She toyed with the snap of his khaki pants. “What if your momma looks out and sees us?” she asked, but she didn’t seem to care much. She was more interested in undoing the snap of those pants and pulling the zipper down. The head of his cock was peeking out of his underwear. Carrie ran her thumb over it and Kevin’s whole body jerked. He took a deep breath and glanced up at the window. Carrie smiled and licked her lips. Kevin hadn’t believed she would do it. That’s why he suggested it so casually. Now that she was definitely going to do it, he was having second thoughts. “Maybe you’re right,” he said. “Maybe we shouldn’t.” Carrie gave him a wide smile. “Too late for that!” She pushed the underwear down a few inches and wrapped one finger around the tip of his cock. Kevin shifted a little, making sure she stood between him and that dangerous window view. She jacked him lightly with just one finger, staring at him all the while. The small, careful touch was already driving him insane. He... read more

Naughty Weather

“Listen,” she said. They were standing on the wide front porch. It was right before bedtime, all the lights were out, and even the streetlight a few blocks down seemed to have a dim glow. The wind was picking up, and if the radar on the evening news was to be trusted, they would be having rain any minute now. He cocked his head to one side and listened closely, but didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. “Listen to what?” She gave him a mega-watt smile as she threw her arms around his shoulders. He breasts pushed against his chest. Her nipples were getting hard. He slid his hands down to cup her ass and pull her closer. “Listen to the rain,” she whispered. He laughed. “There’s no rain yet.” “It’s coming,” she insisted. “Be quiet. Listen.” He humored her and shut his mouth, listening closely – and suddenly his eyes widened. There, under the normal sounds of distant traffic and the calls of nightbirds, he heard something. It was a gentle roar, like that of a very distant freight train – and it was coming closer. “You hear it!” she whispered, her eyes bright with happiness. “It’s like a roar,” he said. He looked out at the front yard, amazed when the first drops of rain fell to the ground. The roar got louder, and with a final gust of wind, the storm was there – one minute he could see the street clearly, and the next moment the downpour was so massive that he could hardly see beyond the porch railing. “There it is!” she hollered,... read more

Anniversary Surprise

I’d been planning all week how I was going to surprise him for our anniversary. Little did I know the surprise was on me. After work I hit the grocery store for supplies and hurried home to start preparing. When I walked in the door I smelled food cooking, there was music playing and candles lit all over the place. I slowly went into the kitchen to find my guy shirtless and in faded jeans concentrating over the stove. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he replied that I always made such a big deal of our anniversary that he thought he’d take a turn. He told me to go take a shower and relax. I scampered from the room knowing that I still had a secret surprise; I had some really naughty leather that I’d bought just for this occasion. So I took a shower and slipped on my sexy thong and bra with nipple cutouts, slipped my feet into strappy black stilettos and headed back to the kitchen. I clicked past him into the dining room and sat on the table. I spread my legs and leaned back on my elbows. When he looked over he nearly dropped the spatula. “Dinner can wait,” I said. “Get over here and make a meal out of me.” He didn’t hesitate to turn the stove off and quickly move over to stand in front of me. “Take em off,” I pointed to his jeans and before I could blink they were on the floor. He stood in front of me hard and proud. I sat up... read more