Naughty Weather

Naughty Weather

erotic story in the rain“Listen,” she said.

They were standing on the wide front porch. It was right before bedtime, all the lights were out, and even the streetlight a few blocks down seemed to have a dim glow. The wind was picking up, and if the radar on the evening news was to be trusted, they would be having rain any minute now.

He cocked his head to one side and listened closely, but didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. “Listen to what?”

She gave him a mega-watt smile as she threw her arms around his shoulders. He breasts pushed against his chest. Her nipples were getting hard. He slid his hands down to cup her ass and pull her closer.

“Listen to the rain,” she whispered.

He laughed. “There’s no rain yet.”

“It’s coming,” she insisted. “Be quiet. Listen.”

He humored her and shut his mouth, listening closely – and suddenly his eyes widened. There, under the normal sounds of distant traffic and the calls of nightbirds, he heard something. It was a gentle roar, like that of a very distant freight train – and it was coming closer.

“You hear it!” she whispered, her eyes bright with happiness.

“It’s like a roar,” he said. He looked out at the front yard, amazed when the first drops of rain fell to the ground. The roar got louder, and with a final gust of wind, the storm was there – one minute he could see the street clearly, and the next moment the downpour was so massive that he could hardly see beyond the porch railing.

“There it is!” she hollered, and shocked him by running toward the yard. She leapt down the steps and into the deluge. Her hair was instantly soaked, and her dress clung to her body like a second skin. She held out her arms and twirled in the middle of the front yard, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

She blinked up at him and gave him that come-hither smile. “Come on in,” she invited, pulling up her dress right there in the front yard. She was wearing nothing underneath. “The water’s warm. No…the water’s hot.”

He launched himself off the porch toward his woman, into the downpour. When he got to her she grabbed his hands and pulled him down to the ground with her, the grass soft under their bodies and the rain punishing from above. She wiggled down a bit to lift her dress higher and reached for the snap of his jeans. “Hurry.”

As soon as his cock was free of his jeans, she spread her legs and pulled him to her. He thrust hard and deep with one long stroke. She cried out underneath him, her hands on his shoulders, tasting the rain on her tongue as he fucked her in their front yard. The rain was their only protection against the prying eyes of their neighbors. The fact that they were fucking in the middle of the neighborhood where anybody could see them turned him on more than he thought it would, and he went at her harder than he had in a long, long time.

She thrust up to meet him every time, turned on by the rain and by the fact that her man was so willing to do something naughty with her. She reached down between them and played with her clit, but a moment was all it took – soon she was crying out into the rain as her body squeezed around him.

Her coming triggered his own, and he shot everything he had deep into her. The rain was still pounding them as he sat up and looked down at the wicked grin on her face.

“You naughty man,” she said, and he suddenly hoped that the rain would last for a bit longer – at least long enough to give him a shot at round two.

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